Matt Abbott

Financial Advisor

Professional Planning. Approachable Advice.


We are passionate about serving the growth and development of Charlotte by helping it’s emerging & established leaders approach their financial planning intentionally.

Financial planning, investment management and insurance can feel overwhelming and daunting. For young leaders it can feel like something that you’ll  deal with later. For professionals approaching retirement, it is tempting to just assume that you’ve done all you can and hope for the best.

As an emerging leader, most financial advisors will treat you like you’re just not worth their time. And as you’re approaching retirement, most advisors don’t have the resources to map out what your retirement income will look like, and instead will only focus on investment management.

Don’t settle for mediocre service or being treated like a burden. Our team is prepared and will be excited to serve you as you build your career, your family, your retirement and your financial plan. Our city will not reach its full potential without a vibrant, financially-solid community of emerging and engaged leaders.

If you’re an established community leader and would like to learn more about how we can help, please reach out to Matt directly at

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